First versions of Model Y not equipped with towing in 2019

The Tesla Model Y manual states that the Model Y is “Not equipped with towing.” Strangely, the wording does not say it isn’t rated for towing, it seems to apply that the Model Y can tow, it just isn’t equipped to do so. To further add to speculation, the Model 3 manual states that “towing is not permissible”.

Either way, there is no tow option from Tesla. For now, there are no aftermarket tow options either, but there will soon be companies that provide an aftermarket receiver hitch for hooking up a bike rack or ski rack to the Tesla Model Y.

Tesla Model Y rated for Towing

Back in March 2019, Tesla’s chief designer Franz von Holzhausen told members of the Tesla Owners Club Norway that the Model Y would be equipped to tow. src

Perhaps European Model Y vehicles will be rated to tow, as Model Y prototypes were spotted with tow hitches in late 2019.

In 2020, Tesla Model Y can now be ordered with a tow package. An Tesla aftermarket tow package can be ordered for Model Y vehicles from before the tow package was available.

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