Tesla Model Y Price

Pricing varies from country to country, and there are numerous options available. Here is an overview of the Tesla Model Y cost.

United States Model Y Price

Tesla Model Y Long Range Price

Base purchase price of $52,990 (not including any incentives or gas savings).

Pearl-white is the basic, included color. Other colors, like solid black, midnight silver metallic, and deep blue metallic cost an additional $1000. Red multi-coat is $2000.

19″ Gemini wheels are included, but 20″ induction wheels are $2000 more.

Black interior is included, but upgrading to the black and white interior is $1000 extra. Upgrading to the 7 seat interior is $3000.

Autopilot is included, but full self driving capability costs $7000.

Tesla Model Y Performance Price

Base purchase price of the Model Y Performance is $60,990.

To get the performance upgrade (which includes 21″ Uberturbine wheels, lowered suspension, performance brakes, and an increased top speed) is $unknown.

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