Tesla Model Y Specifications

Model Y Specs

These official Tesla Model Y Specs are taken from the Tesla website ( src ) and the North American Tesla Model Y Owner’s Manual ( src )

The Model Y comes with a 15inch touchscreen display that is designed to improve over time. Over-the-air software updates will introduce new features, functionality, and performance not just to the touchscreen, but to the vehicle driving dynamics and technology.

The Model Y has a glass roof similar to the Model 3 – Tesla says the “expansive glass roof provides more headroom and UV protection”

With an elevated seating position and low dash, the driver has a commanding view of the road ahead. The interior of Model Y is simple and clean, with a 15-inch touch screen, immersive sound system and an expansive all-glass roof that creates extra headroom and provides a seamless view of the sky.


Itemized Tesla Model Y Performance Specifications

  • long range battery with an EPA estimated 507 km range
  • acceleration from 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds
  • Top speed of 233 km/h
  • Dual motor all-wheel drive system
  • Seats up to 7 adults
  • Comes with 19″ wheels
  • Maximum cargo volume of 68 cubic feet or 1.9 cubic meters (presumably with rear seats folded down)
  • supercharging on a pay-per-use basis
  • Warranty coverage is as follows:
    – Basic Vehicle – 4 years or 80,000 km, whichever comes first
    – Battery & Drive Unit – 8 years or 192,000 km, whichever comes first

Model Y Long Range AWD Specifications

The long range AWD Tesla Model Y has all the same specifications as the performance model above, except that top speed is 217km/h compared to the 233 km/h of the Performance model, and acceleration is 5.0 seconds instead of the 3.7 seconds of the performance model.

In addition, the Tesla website lists a 20″ wheel option on the long-range Model Y

Model Y Premium Interior Specifications

Both the Performance model and the long-range AWD versions of the Tesla Model Y list these specifications under a heading of ‘premium interior’

  • 12-way power adjustable front and rear heated seats
  • Three independently folding 2nd row seats
  • Premium audio – 14 speakers, 1 subwoofer, 2 amps, and immersive sound
  • Premium Connectivity (1 year included)
  • LED fog lamps
  • Tinted glass roof with ultraviolet and infrared protection
  • Power folding, heated side mirrors
  • Music and media over Bluetooth®
  • Custom driver profiles
  • Center console with storage, 4 USB ports and docking for 2 smartphones

Tesla Model Y Dimensions

The Tesla Model Y Exterior Dimensions are:

  • Overall Length: 187 inches (4750 mm)
  • Overall Width: 83.8 inches (2129 mm)
  • Width with mirrors folded: 77.9 inches (1978mm)
  • Width excluding mirrors: 75.6 inches (1921mm)
  • Overall Height: 63.9 inches (1624 mm)
  • Wheel Base: 113.8 inches (2890 mm)
  • Front Overhang: 34.4 inches (847 mm)
  • Rear Overhang: 38.8 inches (986 mm)
  • Ground Clearance: 6.6 inches (168 mm)
  • Track width:
    • non 21″ Wheels Front – 64.4 inches (1636 mm)
    • non 21″ Wheels Rear – 64.4 inches (1636 mm)
    • 21″ wheels Front – 64.8 inches (1646 mm)
    • 21″ wheels Rear – 65.2 inches (1656 mm)

The Tesla Model Y Interior Dimensions:

  • Front head room: 41 inches (1041 mm)
  • Rear Head Room: 39.4 inches (1001 mm)
  • Front Leg Room: 41.8 inches (1063 mm)
  • Rear Leg Room: 40.5 inches (1029 mm)
  • Front Shoulder Room: 56.4 inches (1432 mm)
  • Rear Shoulder Room: 54 inches (1373 mm)
  • Front Hip Room: 53.8 inches (1367 mm)
  • Rear Hip Room: 50.6 inches (1286 mm)

Weight of the Tesla Model Y

All weights listed come with a message from Tesla stating that the values are approximate and the weight of the Model Y can vary depending on the vehicle’s options.

From the owner’s manual, this is the information provided by Tesla:

  • Long range dual motor:
    • Curb weight: 4416 lbs (2003 kg)
    • GVWR: 5302 lbs (2405 kg)
  • Long range Performance Dual Motor:
    • curb weight: 4416 pounds (2003 kg)
    • GVWR: 5302 lbs (2405 kg)
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Distribution for dual motor: front 46%, rear 54%
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating with 19″ wheels
    • Front Axle: 3005 lbs (1363 kgs)
    • Rear Axle: 3607 lbs (1636 kgs)
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating with 20″ wheels
    • Front Axle: 3005 lbs (1363 kgs)
    • Rear Axle: 3307 lbs (1500 kg)
  • Gross Axle Weight Rating with 21″ wheels
    • Front Axle: 3005 lbs (1363 kgs)
    • Rear Axle: 3505 lbs (1590 kgs)
src: TeslaMotorsClub Forum

In the USA owners manual on the Tesla website, they no longer list any weights. They do in the owner’s manual for China, but not specific axle weight ratings. The best way to find this information now is to look on the door sticker on your Tesla Model Y.

Model Y Tow Capacity

The Model Y Towing Capacity is not listed in the owners manual. Instead, there is a note from Tesla stating that the “Model Y is not equipped with towing.”

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  1. It appears the width listed (83.8 inches (2129 mm)) is too wide. The Wikipedia page lists 75.6 in (1,920 mm). Haven’t found an independent source, but the Wikipedia number, at about 3″ greater than Model 3, seems closer than the value here which is similar to Cybertruck.

    1. Hi Brian, we have 3 widths listed – overall, with mirrors folded, and without counting mirrors. Without the mirrors is 75.6 inches, which is slightly wider than the 72.8 inches for the Model 3 width without mirrors

  2. Does the 7 seat version have a longer length that the 5 seat version or do they simply fit more seats in the same space?

    1. The external dimensions of the 5-seat and 7-seat versions are the same. The third row seats will be quite small

  3. It appears you have a typo in your rear axle rating for 21’s. Very unlikely the weakest rated rim suddenly leaped so high in its rear axle rating. probably supposed to be “3005”. Please recheck, correct as needed.


    1. It looks like the original info from Tesla has the same ‘3505’ weight, but there isn’t any new data in the owner’s manuals. Updated content to recommend checking door sill sticker for Tesla’s official axle ratings.

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